2010 Foals

Kings Treasure Bar - - Dance --- $1500 obo

  • Born March 11 2010 Quarter Horse colt; Reg. AQHA 5288096
  • Deep chestnut with a big blaze slanting to the right and a high left hind sock and front left half coronet band
    Dance is Decker and Jazz's first foal and the first foal of the season. Very sweet and personable - can do anything with him - loving personality. He loves to get out and run and play. Showing lots of size and substance - should mature big bodied and 15.3hh plus. Dance is currently for sale asking $1500 obo. This wonderful flashy colt will excel in any disipline you want to work - he will make an excellent children/adults horse. His pedigree traces back to many Quarter Horse greats on his immediate papers: including Peppy San, Freckles Playboy, Zippo Pine Bar, Impressive. He is HYPP N/N. His pedigree can be viewed at all breed pedigree:

    Check out Dance's Pedigree on All Breed Pedigree: Kings Treasure Bar
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Registration pending - - Hope

  • Born July 19 2010 Quarter Horse Filly
  • Red Dun filly with a beautiful slanting star.
    Hope is Decker and Dream's first foal - we are so pleased to finally welcome in our first filly - even though she is a few weeks old she is friendly, loving and kind but with attitude! This little filly is Mommy's clone and loves scratches and cuddles promising to be a long lasting and wonderful partner.She loves running laps and circles around the other horses - always playing until she colapses for a nap. Hope's pedigree includes many greats including Mito Commander, Leo San, Shock Em, Freckles Playboy, Doc o'Lena etc. For more information on his Sire check out Stallions for more information.
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