Fund Raising Goals

What is Springland Riding Stable?
Springland Riding Stable is a farm that offers horse back riding lessons for individuals with mild to severe cognitive disabilities as well as those with physical ailments and limitations in all age groups. Springland Riding Stable provides lessons to these individuals in a fun and safe environment and teaches horse back riding in a positive and encouraging setting.

Why donate to Springland Riding Stable?
Springland Riding Stable is one of very few barns in Simcoe County that offers these services for special needs individuals. There is a great deal of need for this type of service in our area. Secondly, Springland Riding Stable has been open for 3 years and is striving to put together a great riding program for special needs students community support will assist us in reaching this goal. By donating you give us the opportunity to improve our facilities, services and horses. Similarly, by donating you will be making your community a better place for everyone. With your help we can and will make a difference!

By donating to Springland Riding Stable you would assist individuals with special needs to receive the many benefits horse back riding can provide. Horse back riding promotes an active lifestyle and a healthy way of living by increasing the student’s level of activity. This is especially important for individuals who may have limited mobility on their own. Horses have an amazing ability to bring joy to all people and an increased positive self imagine is an important factor in the development of a health individual both mentally and physically. For student’s whose mental or physical limitations separate them from others, horseback riding can give them a sense of belonging and of being a part of a sport, no longer being on the outside but a participant. For individuals with mobility problems the horses act as their legs giving this person a sense of freedom and control over their environment. Physically horse back riding acts in a passive manner to increase muscle tone, co-ordination and flexibility – often the student does not even realize they are getting this form of therapy. Most important horses provide riders with a friend, a friend who is non-judgemental, who does not care what their physical or mental difficulties might be and someone who will always be present to listen to a complaint or an expression of joy. A horse provides all individuals with unconditional love, and that is the most important gift they give to people.

What does Springland Riding Stable do for you?
In recognition of your kind donation we will create a plaque with your name and company and the project you helped us complete and it will forever be posted in our barn so that all people who come to Springland Riding Stable can see how you are helping your community. As well we will post this information on our website to recognize the help you have given us. Thirdly, your contribution will be recognized in our bi-monthly newsletter that is distributed to all riders of Springland Riding Stable.

Services offered by Springland Riding Stable
To help in your decision to donate money here is a brief description of some of the services we currently offer to our entire group of riders. We believe that horses are a great equalizer and that both special needs individuals and those without special needs should interact with each other so that they can learn from one another. To meet this goal we hold several horse shows throughout the year. The goal of each show is not only to show others what you have been working on in your lessons but to have a chance to meet and interact with other students. Classes are organized so that all levels and abilities of riders can compete together in a fun and rewarding manner. The day before is designated to preparing the horse for the show – students are invited out to help prepare their mount by bathing, braiding and grooming that horse. The morning of the show students are grouped together to compete with others of similar riding ability and show everyone the skills they have master throughout their riding. Usually students compete in 2 to 3 classes each. After a potluck style lunch an afternoon of games ensues. Students compete in groups in different relay races as well as some individual games too.

Springland Riding Stables holds camps throughout the year including over the March break and during the summer. This day camp allow for an intensive horse experience. All students are invited to participate. Camps consist of helping with barn chores in the morning, a lesson, a theory topic and finally playing games on horse back. Camp gives students the opportunity to improve skills learnt in lessons as well as the opportunity to meet and create new friends.

Throughout the year Springland Riding Stable also hosts several potluck gatherings. This helps us cement the community oriented nature of our farm. It brings everyone together in a fun and relaxing environment. It gives everyone the opportunity to share their triumphs and struggles with others and cements the friendships that have developed throughout the year.

Lastly, Springland Riding Stables offers lessons! Lessons are open to all riders and we accept students age 5 to 65. Students are taught the basics of horsemanship and proper equestrian riding techniques focusing on a style known as hunter/jumper. Hunter/jumper riding promotes a quiet and subtle manner of communication between horse and rider with the final product being the seemingly effortless ride. Students learn the basics solidly before they move on to more difficult manoeuvres and eventually if they desire are taught how to jump. The primary goal of our stable is to teach riding and horsemanship in an environment using only positive encouragement and fun. Safety is a primary concern and all lessons are organized to minimize the dangers associated with horses. Lessons can be taught in either a private or semi-private format. No matter what type of lessons students choose each lesson is developed to suit that individual’s personal needs and goals ensuring that they receive the maximum out of their ride.

Projects Needing Fundraising
Listed below are the projects that Springland Riding Stable would like to undertake in order to increase and improve the current services we offer to special needs students:

Improvements to facilities
  1. Increase housing for outside horses – In order to expand our operation we need to have suitable stabling for horses that will be used for disabled riders. In order to do this we would like to purchase 2 lean-tos which will provide these horses with additional shelter during the winter and other bad weather. These shelters cost $1500.00 each.
  2. Add paddocks to house additional horses – In order to expand our operation we need to increase the paddock space available for new horses to be used with disabled riders. This paddock will also create a safer outside riding area by fencing in our outside riding ring. Costs associated with installing this paddock includes clearing the land for the paddock - $1000.00; installing the posts and 5-strand high-tensile wire fencing – $5000.00; and a solar panelled electric fence panel - $400.00.
  3. Mounting Block – creating a mounting block that is wheel chair accessible so that students with mobility difficulties have easier access to mounting a horse - $750.00.
Horses and Equipment
  1. Horse – We would like to be able to purchase an additional horse to be used with disabled riders. Another horse would allow us to offer riding to an additional 10 students with disabilities – the cost is approximately $4000.00. Currently we are only able to offer lessons to 20 disable students.
  2. Equipment – Riders with disabilities need special equipment that makes them more secure on the horse. Such as special bridles and saddles. I currently have 2 horses that can be used with disabled riders and would like to see them properly outfitted with equipment specially designed to aid individuals with special needs. Bridles cost $200.00 each and saddles will cost approximately $1000.00 each.
Thank You
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to read through the information I have supplied. I sincerely hope that you will be able to help us meet one of our fundraising goals. Please remember that with your help we can help make the life of children and adults with special needs that much better.

Please do not hesitate to ask if there is any additional information that I can provide.

Thank you