Lesson Horses

Below is a list of the horses that we use in lessons, including photos, and some of their personal attributes.

High Sugar Star -- "Sugar"

  • 24 yr. Registered Quarter Horse mare & NFQHA Registered (80%), 14.2hh
  • Chestnut with broken blaze. 1 hind coronet band.
  • AKA Sugar, Littlelee, Sugs, Sugar Lee
    She was bred, raised and trained at Springland Riding Stables. She is a kind horse. She is used primarily to teach our special needs riders, beginner riders and later our advanced riders. Sugar is currently semi-retired but continues to do a few lessons as she loves the work. Sugar has shown extensively both Trillium and A in hunter and jumper classes.

    Check out Sugar's Pedigree on All Breed Pedigree: High Sugar Star
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A Little Graffiti -- Blizzard

  • Blizzard is a 10 year old blood bay frame overo paint cross
  • Currenly he stands 15.1hh . He has a bald face, one hind stocking and a blue eye
    He has proven himself to be a quick learner, bold and accepting of new things. Blizzard loves attension and is one of the first to greet you when you arrive. Blizzard enjoys working with all of our kids and is excelling as calm and quiet gentleman. He is doing excellant as beginners horse - he loves taking the little ones for rides. Blizzard is excelling in our program. He had a great 2010 first show season proving that nothing phases this young horse and his introduction to jumping in 2010 was a great success and we look forward to an even better 2011 with this wonderful horse.
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LL Kansas King -- Decker

  • 11 year old gelding, registered Quarter Horse and Registered Foundation Quarter HOrse(NFQHA - 82%)
  • Deep red chestnut with star and white corronet band on one hind leg.
    His beautiful flowing gaits will make this horse stand out in a crowd. Decker has fabulous bloodline leading back to several QH greats - check out the link below to see his pedigree laid out before you. Decker loves to cuddle and thrives on all the attention he can get. For 2012 Decker has been brought back into our lesson program and is showing great substance and willingness to learn. He is currently being ridden and worked by our more advanced and novice riders. We look forward to having him in our program for years to come.

    Currently he stands 15.1hh and is big bodied.

    Check out Decker's Pedigree on All Breed Pedigree: LL Kansas King
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Kings Doc Bonanza - - Spice

  • Born June 7th 2008 Register Quarter Horse gelding
  • 8 year old and maturing a deep chestnut color with a broken blaze and 2 hind socks
    Spice is Decker and Sugar's first foal - he is prooving to have a loving, friendly and wonderful personality. He loves attention. He is easy to handle by children and adults alike. He is build solid and square with beautiful confirmation and muscle. We are looking forward to having Spice with us forever. Spice starting his riding career and seems to be handling everything with maturity and depth and we look forward to him joining our lesson program in 2013.

    Check out Spice's Pedigree on All Breed Pedigree: Kings Doc Bonanza
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Non-Lesson Horses & Boarders

Below is a list of the other horses that boarded at Springland Riding Stables, including photos, and some of their personal attributes.

Jet's Primrose -- Primrose

  • 18 year old registered Canadian Sport Horse, with thoroughbred breeding
  • Bay Mare with star, snip and one hind corronet band. 16.1hh
  • AKA Prim n' Proper, Jet's Primrose, Prim
    Owned and raised by Crystal, Primrose is a spectacular horse with great potential and drive. Her ability to easily jump 5'6" jumps gives her a good chance at excelling in the show arena. She is high tempered and feisty, making her a fun and challenging horse to ride and work with. Primrose was bred, raised, and trained at Springland riding stable. .
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LL Taris Pep San -- Sargent

  • 8 year old register Quarter Horse Gelding
  • Grullo with diagonal hind sock and front coronet band
  • Owned by Crystal Lee Ross
    Sargent is currently undergoing training so that he can participate in our lesson program. He is a kind and friendly horse that loves attention He has beautiful confirmation and wonderful movement.

    Check out Sargent's Pedigree on All Breed Pedigree: LL Taris Pep San
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    • Born August 3rd 2011 Quarter Horse
    • 5 year old gelding with a deep chestnut colt with a star
    • Owned by Heather Peden
      Rumba is Decker and Jazz's second foal and the only foal of the season. Very sweet and personable - can do anything with him - loving personality. He loves to get out and run and play. Showing lots of size and substance - should mature big bodied and 15.3hh plus. Due to an unfortunate accident shortly after his birth Rumba is blind in one eye - but he doesn't let this handicap slow him down he charges on and conquors his world with every step he takes. This young man will make Heather an awesome riding companion and friend. His pedigree traces back to many Quarter Horse greats on his immediate papers: including Peppy San, Freckles Playboy, Zippo Pine Bar, Impressive. He is HYPP N/N. His pedigree can be viewed at all breed pedigree:

      Check out Rumba's Pedigree on All Breed Pedigree: Kings Treasure Bar
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    Kings Harley Dream- - Hope

    • Born July 19 2010 Quarter Horse Filly
    • 6 year old Red Dun with a beautiful slanting star.
    • Proudly owned by Isabella Emmerton.
      Hope is Decker and Dream's first foal. She is friendly, loving and kind but with attitude! This little filly is Mommy's clone and loves scratches and cuddles promising to be a long lasting and wonderful partner.She loves running laps and circles around the other horses - always playing until she colapses for a nap. Hope's pedigree includes many greats including Mito Commander, Leo San, Shock Em, Freckles Playboy, Doc o'Lena etc. For more information on his Sire check out Stallions for more information. We are confident that this young filly will provide years of friendship and challenges for her young owner.
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    General Horse Photos

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