Farm Pets


  • Female Black Labrador Retriever
    Originally trained as a professional duck hunter, she was found to be far too friendly for the sport, and was sent to live on this farm. Since being here she has made a wonderful pet, and great friend. She loves belly rubs and pretty much anything with legs.
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  • Male Brown Tabby cat
    Demoted Cheif Mouser on the farm, and quite the mischevious kitten. Is very playful, and loves company of any kind.
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  • 6 month old female grey, white & orange taby cat
    This purring monster has been hired to keep the mice and other rodents at bay while not snoozing or cuddling
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  • 6 month old female orange, white and grey calico cat
    This playful kitten is helping Oz maintain our mouse free property - she loves playing and cuddling
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