Special Needs

Our goal of offering riding to anyone who wants to ride includes individuals with mild to severe cognitive and developmental disorders and riders with physical ailments. Students with duel diagnosis, developmental delays, social and emotional problems as well as those with physical cognitive or behavioral problems are all accepted and welcome. Currently we have several students that fall into this category including a student with Autism, a child with severe developmental problems and several children suffering from high levels of anxiety.

Through riding all these individuals have shown great improvement. Riding has provided them with skills to manage or improve their current stasis of life. We believe that through riding these individual gain increased self confidence increasing positive feelings of self worth. Not only does riding give people this emotional boost, physically it increases muscle tone, increases coordination and helps in fine motor skills helping to improving the general health of all individuals. Often times through riding individuals do not even realize the physical benefits happening because they occur is such a subtle and unassuming manner and the joy of interacting with a horse far outweighs any minor discomfort they may experience. By mastering skills associated with horseback riding children and adults learn mastery over their own lives. Riding gives individuals a sense of control and power because these gentle giants gladly except direction and listen to them and challenge them to overcome their difficulties.

This ability to control a 1000 plus pound animal provides increased joy and a sense of accomplishment for individuals who have difficulty in normal everyday tasks. It is an extreme emotional high to experience riding when a goal is reached and accomplished. Riding provides for individuals with limited mobility an opportunity to be unencumbered by their physical problems – because the horse moves for you. It provides these individuals with freedom that their everyday lives lack. Simply interacting with horses provide people with a friend – a friend who doesn’t judge you, doesn’t care how you look, doesn’t care what your physical or other problems might be, a friend who will listen to you and be there for you. This environment that lacks any form of prejudicial judgment is something most people never experience but through riding they can experience a window of opportunity of a world in which there is no judgment based on physical characteristics or religious beliefs. The only judgment made is on what type of person you are on the inside. Another benefit of Springland Riding Stable is that for individuals with disabilities our riding school provides an opportunity to make friends with other people in a strictly non-judgmental, open and friendly environment. In this way children that may have few friends in school or their community have an opportunity to play and make friends through a common love of horses.

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